"Never frown, because some one could be falling in love with your smile.” -Lydia Martin

In the dream, they were laughing together at all the beautiful ruin around them. They were standing suspended in the sea, it couldn’t hurt them, destruction was their element. Clarissa was looking down as she laughed, trailing her moonlight-white hands in the water. When she lifted up her hands they were dark, dripping: he realized that the seas were all blood. Jonathan had woken up from his dream still laughing.


Do you believe in the possible existence of any of the creatures in the books, such as vampires, werewolves, faire folk, etc? [x]


Lily Collins at the Madrid Premiere of TMI

I think there are times in life where you’re automatically drawn to somebody and it’s weird, you freak out a bit. I think that’s what this portrayal is. It’s something deeper than just aesthetic admiration, I suppose.

Jamie Campbell Bower: taking none of your shit if you insult his fans